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Elcaset Tape Decks

As far as I know, the Elcaset decks that were produced were as follows:


The Sony EL-7, Sony's top of the line deck.

For more on the EL-7, click here.

The Sony EL-5 was a two head deck (the EL-7 had three heads).   It retailed for US$630. 

The Sony EL-4, I think this must have been the low-end model, but it seems to be more rare than the EL-5 or EL-7.  I have heard of only a couple of people who have one.

The Sony EL-D8, the only portable Elcaset player/recorder that I'm aware of.

The Teac AL-700.  The picture to the right shows how an external dbx noise reduction adapter could be connected.  It may have been the most expensive Elcaset deck - it retailed for US$1100.  Like the Sony units, some of the AL-700 decks came with wood panels on the side.


The Technics RS-7500U.  It retailed for US$650.


The JVC LD-777 - I don't know much about this deck.  It apparently retailed for US$800.  If anybody has a picture of one, or knows anything else about it, please let me know.

This deck is labeled as the Lo-D D-9000.  Lo-D is apparently a brand-name used by Hitachi in some markets.  But this Lo-D deck looks identical to the Sony EL-7.

Another EL-7 clone was apparently put out at the WEGA E-4950.


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