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Digital Compact Cassette

The Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) was developed by Philips as the successor to the analog cassette (which, by the way, was also developed by Philips).  It was introduced in 1992, never really caught on, and was dead within a few years (Philips officially announced that it would stop production of DCC equipment in October 1996).

I have a separate page with information on DCC decks and other equipment.

And there is a page containing articles and other resources on the DCC format.

External Links

Here is the DCC FAQ.

And here is the DCC-L Mailing List Homepage.

Companies' Original DCC Web Pages

All marketing materials and technical papers on the DCC format seem to have been removed from company web sites.  So for historical preservation purposes, I have posted copies some company web pages from back when they were actively promoting the DCC format.  In most cases, I have made minor modifications to the HTML code, mostly to remove dead hyperlinks, search features, etc.  But to the extent possible, I have retained the original look of the pages.

[Note:  The copyright to the pages listed below are owned by the respective companies.  Since these companies have long since deleted these pages from their sites, I hope they don't get too bent out of shape over the copyright issues.  But if any legitimate copyright holder asks me to remove these pages, I will do so immediately.]


  • Here is a page in which Philips urges us to "Move on up to DCC."
  • Here is Philips' general overview of the DCC format (this, by the way, is probably the best overall description I have seen).
  • And here are some descriptions of Philips DCC products:
    • DCC tapes
    • DCC 134 (DCC portable player)
    • DCC 170 (DCC portable player / recorder)
    • DCC 730 (DCC component unit)
    • DCC 951 (DCC component unit - same as the 730, but designed to integrate with other Philips 900 series components)



  • And here is an overview of the DCC format from the Magnavox web site (similar to the overview from the Philips site)

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