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The ultimate digital recording system

record move play Record digitally with studio recording quality

Philips Digital Compact Cassette is simply the ultimate digital recording medium. It combines the convenience of your existing cassettes with the digital sound quality of Compact Disc. Bringing you the very best of both worlds. Like Compact Disc, DCC's sound quality is stunning. And like compact cassette, DCC is durable, portable and 100% recordable.

18-bit technology means Philips DCC takes you closer to the music. Making your recordings clearer, purer and with professional studio quality sound. Whatever you record with Philips DCC, the recording is always precisely the same as the original. Everytime.

No hiss, no background noise - just a perfect digital reproduction. However many copies you make. Or however many times you record on one durable Digital Compact Cassette.

record move play Move on even faster with turbo drive

Ready. Select a track and go, even faster with DCC Turbo Drive Turbo Drive slashes normal rewinding time for even faster track access. Enter a number and the player will find your chosen track. No endless waiting. Turbo Drive will get you there, fast.

Whether you choose a DCC recorder, mini- system, a portable player or a complete in- car system, you can enjoy the stunning sound quality of DCC wherever you go. Record your favourite music on to DCC cassettes at home or away, and enjoy perfect digital copies. Copies with no shake, rattle or roll - however fast you're moving.

record move play Play classical rock, pop, jazz and all your existing tapes

Every Philips DCC will play on your existing cassettes. You don't need to adapt or change them. Simply slot them into any DCC player and press play. It's so simple to step into the new world of DCC without letting go of the past.

Once you've chosen a DCC player, you'll enjoy choosing what to play on it. There's a huge selection of prerecorded titles available. If you're bored and want something different DCC has The Cure. Alternatively you could 'Wake the Neighbours' with Bryan Adams and then call for The Police.

Go Classical with Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and more. Rock with Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix and U2. Or jazz things up with The Young Disciples and Ella Fitzgerald.

record move play Move home with the DCC 7309 DCC 951 and FW68 mini-system

Convert your home into a professional recording studio with The DCC 730 or DCC 951. Both models Utilise the latest digital technology to produce 18 bit studio quality recordings, again and again and again. Each player also features Turbo Drive for rapid track access, a microphone input and text edit. Or you could save space with the FW68, a fully featured DCC Mini-System with CD player, tuner, amp, DCC and analogue cassette deck.

Move off with the DCC in-with the car series

The In-Car DCC players are all fully equipped with up to 42 presets. They offer advanced features like direct track access, text display for track, album and artist information, RDS, advanced tuning (BQR) and a power output of 4x30 watts. Don't leave home without them!

Move out with the portable DCC 170 and DCC 134

Wherever you go you can take the digital sound of DCC with you. The portable DCC 170 and DCC 134 are the ideal ways to launch yourself into the new world of Philips Digital Compact Cassette.

Featuring jump free digital sound, full track display and headphone remote control. You can even connect the DCC 170 to your home system to make perfect digital recordings with 18 bit studio recording quality. Test drive the DCC 170 and DCC 134 at your local dealer and enjoy digital music on the move.

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