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Consumer Audio Equipment

Welcome to my consumer audio equipment web page.  This page should improve over time, with more original content.  So far, I've put most of my efforts into the pages on the 4-Track Tape, the PlayTape, the Elcaset, and the Digital Compact Cassette.  If I have time in the coming months, I hope to add more to this part of our site.

Here is a list of the various consumer audio formats I hope to cover in these pages. 

Wax Cylinders Elcaset
78s, Edison Diamond Discs, etc. Compact Cassette
Vinyl LP/45s Compact Discs (CD), Super Audio CD (SACD) & DVD-Audio
Reel-to-Reel Tape Digital Audio Tape (DAT)   (external link)
4-Track Cartridge Tape (Muntz Stereo Pak) Digital Compact Cassette (DCC)
8-Track Tape MiniDisc (MD) (external link)

In addition, I plan to add a special page on quadraphonics.


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Last Updated 22 July 2005
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