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Digital Compact Cassette recorder DCC 730 [dcc730]

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Today's top digital recording and playback performance in the home, with Philips' unique 18-bit Studio Recording Quality, in a black-finished 43.5 cm unit compatible with all top HiFi components.

  • Digital recording and playback using DCC cassettes
  • Playback of all conventional audio cassettes with Dolby B/C
  • Turbo Drive for ultra-fast track access
  • Optical and coax inputs for direct digital recording from CD
  • Microphone input
  • Motorized cassette tray
  • Multifunction FTD display
  • DCC text information on prerecorded digital cassettes
  • Title recording on own recordings
  • Advanced Bitstream D/A and sigma-delta A/D converters for precision performance
  • Append function automatically finds the end of the last recording
  • Remote control with special DCC functions

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