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"Children's" Formats

There have been several audio formats introduced that have been primarily targeted to kids.  In 1967, the Playtape format was introduced.  In 1988, Fisher Price introduced the "Pocket Rockers" format.  In 2000, Tiger Electronics introduced the HitClips format. And in 2005, Disney introduced the Mix Clips format. 

As shown in the chard below, each of these formats had limitations, in terms of capacity, sound quality and/or availability of prerecorded music.

of Songs
Recordable Availability of
Prerecorded Music
Playtape Variable (usually 4 or more) cruddy No Very large
Pocket Rockers 2 lousy No Limited
HitClips Less than 1 (contains a 60 second or less edit of a single song crappy Yes and No.  Standard HitClips were read-only and most of the hardware permitted playback only.  But for a short time when the format was first introduced, there were special recordable clips that were larger than the standard size. Limited
Mix Clips Variable (full album length) very good Yes (sort of).  There was no media that was sold as a blank Mix Clip.  But Mix Clips were standard SD Memory Cards, and so any WMA audio could be put on them using a PC and a standard SD card reader. Limited


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