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This is a cast list for the show current up to the final episode.  It is
based on one posted earlier by Jerry Boyajian, which is in turn based on
one posted by Jon Conrad.  It includes all of the regulars, and a few of
the important/interesting minor characters.

This list is updated periodically.

If you note any misspellings or actors matched to the wrong role, 
please mail me at "".

Please note that there are major spoilers for the ENTIRE SERIES
below. If you don't want any surprises ruined for you, STOP

                              TWIN PEAKS


    Special Agent Dale Bartholomew Cooper                Kyle MacLachlan
    Special Agent Windom Earle             [dead]          Kenneth Welsh
    Special Agent Roger Hardy                      Clarence Williams III
    Agent Phillip Jeffries                                   David Bowie
    Agent San Stanley                                  Kiefer Sutherland
    Agent Chet Desmond                                       Chris Isaak
    Agent Albert Rosenfield                                Miguel Ferrer
    Agent Dennis/Denise Bryson (DEA)                      David Duchovny
    Regional Chief Gordon Cole                               David Lynch

Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station:

    Sheriff Harry S. Truman                              Michael Ontkean
    Deputy Tommy "The Hawk" Hill                           Michael Horse
    Deputy Andy Brennan                                       Harry Goaz
    Lucy Moran                                           Kimmy Robertson

The Packard Sawmill:

    Jocelyn (Josie) Packard                       [dead]       Joan Chen
    Andrew Packard              [Josie's husband] [dead]   Dan O'Herlihy
    Catherine Packard Martell   [Andrew's sister]           Piper Laurie
    Pete Martell            [Catherine's husband] [dead]      Jack Nance

Hong Kong Connection:

    Thomas Eckhardt               [Josie's mentor] [dead]   David Warner
    Jonathan Kumagai        [Mr. Eckhardt's agent] [dead]     Mak Takano
    Jones                              [assistant]         Brenda Strong

The Horne Family:

    Audrey Horne                       [dead]              Sherilyn Fenn
    Benjamin Horne   [Audrey's father]                    Richard Beymer
    Sylvia Horne              [mother]                        Jan D'Arcy
    Johnny Horne             [brother]   Robert Davenport / Robert Bauer (1)
    Jerry Horne                [uncle]               David Patrick Kelly

The Palmer Family:

    Laura Palmer                      [dead]                  Sheryl Lee
    Leland Palmer   [Laura's father]  [dead]                    Ray Wise
    Sarah Palmer            [mother]                      Grace Zabriske
    Madeleine Ferguson      [cousin]  [dead]                  Sheryl Lee

The Hayward Family:

    Donna Marie Hayward                   Lara Flynn Boyle / Moira Kelly (2)
    Eileen Hayward          [Donna's mother]           Mary Jo Deschanel
    Dr. William Hayward   [Eileen's husband]                Warren Frost
    Harriet Hayward              [sister #1]          Jessica Wallenfels
    Gersten Hayward              [sister #2]                 Alicia Witt

The Briggs Family:

    Bobby Briggs                                           Dana Ashbrook
    Major Garland Briggs   [father]                            Don Davis
    Elizabeth Briggs       [mother]                    Charlotte Stewart

The Hurley Family:

    James Hurley                                          James Marshall
    Ed Hurley             [James' uncle]                  Everett McGill
    Nadine Butler Hurley          [aunt]                     Wendy Robie

The Pulaski Family:

    Ronette Pulaski                                     Phoebe Augustine
    Janek Pulaski          [father]               Rick Tutor / Alan Ogle (1)
    Maria Suburbis Pulaski [mother]  Roberta Maguire / Michele Milantoni (1)

The Jennings Family:

    Norma Jennings                                          Peggy Lipton
    Hank Jennings                      [husband]            Chris Mulkey
    Annie Blackburne                    [sister]          Heather Graham
    Vivian Niles                        [mother]              Jane Greer
    Ernie "The Professor" Niles    [step-father]             James Booth

The Johnsons:

    Shelly Johnson                                         Madchen Amick
    Leo Johnson      [husband]                                Eric Da Re

The Milford Family:

    Douglas "Dougie" Milford                       [dead]       Tony Jay
    Lana Budding Milford          [Dougie's widow]          Robyn Lively
    Mayor Dwayne Milford                 [brother]           John Boylan

The Marshs:

    Evelyn Marsh                                        Annette McCarthy
    Jeffery Marsh    [Evelyn's husband] [dead]             John Apicella
    Malcolm Sloan               [lover] [dead]             Nicholas Love

Other Twin Peaks Residents:

    Dr. Lawrence Jacoby                                     Russ Tamblyn

    Margaret Lanterman       [The Log Lady]         Catherine E. Coulson

    Carl Rodd          [Trailer Park Owner]           Harry Dean Stanton

    John Justice Wheeler                                      Billy Zane
    Cliff Howard                                             Rick Aiello

    Harold Smith                            [dead]      Lenny Von Dohlen
    Real Mrs. Tremond   [Harold's neighbor]                 Mae Williams

One Eyed Jack's:

    Jean Renault                           [dead]          Michael Parks
    Jacques Renault   [Jean's brother #1]  [dead]        Walter Olkewicz
    Bernard Renault          [brother #2]  [dead]            Clay Wilcox
    Blackie O'Reilly                       [dead]        Victoria Catlin
    Nancy O'Reilly     [Blackie's sister]                    Gaylyn Gorg
    RCMP Officer Preston King                            Gavan O'Herlihy

The Other Side:

    "Killer Bob"                                             Frank Silva
    Man From Another Place        [The Dream Dwarf]  Michael J. Anderson
    The Giant                                            Carel Struycken
    Phillip Michael Gerard/"Mike" [The One-Armed Man]         Al Strobel
    "Sycamore Trees"                                      James V. Scott
    Pierre Tremond                [The Boy Magician]   Austin Jack Lynch
    Dream Mrs. Tremond            [Pierre's grandmother]     Frances Bay

The Court System:

    Judge Clinton Sternwood                                   Royal Dano
    Sid                     [The Judge's law clerk]    Claire Stansfield
    District Attorney Daryl Lodwick                       Ritch Brinkley
    Wilson Mooney           [Hank Jenning's Lawyer]            Jed Mills
    Mr. Racine               [Leo Johnson's Lawyer]       Van Dyke Parks

Twin Peaks High School:

    Principal George Wolchezk                                 Troy Evans
    Vice-Principal                                             Don Calfa
    P.E. Teacher/Cheerleading Coach                           Lisa Cloud
    Wrestling Coach                                           Ron Taylor
    Mike "Snake" Nelson              [Bobby's friend]   Gary Hershberger

Horne's Department Store Staff:

    Emory Battis                                   [dead]  Don Amendolia
    Richard "Dick" Tremayne                                 Ian Buchanan
    Jenny                   [Perfume Counter Girl]       Lisa Ann Cabasa

Great Northern Hotel Staff:

    Trudy Chelgren                   [waitress]   Jill Rogosheske Engels
    Louie                          [desk clerk]            Bellina Logan
    Julie                           [concierge]           Diane Caldwell
    Randy St. Croix                 [concierge]                Ron Blair
    Room Service Waiter                                      Hank Worden
    Samantha            [Ben Horne's secretary]           Susan Sundholm

Minor Characters:

    Teresa Banks                              [dead]       Pamela Gidley
    Caroline Powell Earle                     [dead]   Brenda E. Mathers
    Gwen                       [Lucy Moran's sister]   Kathleen Wilhoite
    Tim Pinkle                                           David L. Lander
    Reverend Clarence Brocklehurst                    Royce D. Applegate
    Dell Mibbler                              [dead]           Ed Wright
    Colonel Riley                                            Tony Burton
    Irene Littlehorse                                    Geraldine Keams
    Dr. Shelvy                                   Tawnya Pettiford-Waites
    Nicholas "Little Nicky" Needleman                      Joshua Harris
    Thadilonius "Toad" Barker  [RR Diner Patron]             Kevin Young
    Heidi                                                    Andrea Hays
    Joey Paulson               [James' friend]              Brett Vadset
    Scotty                     [Joey's friend]             Rodney Harvey

    Julee Cruise      [girl singer at the roadhouse]        Julee Cruise
    TV Reporter                                               Mark Frost
    Louise Dombrowski                                      Emily Fincher


    Eric Powell             [Dead Drifter]  [dead]      Craig MacLachlan
    Rusty Tomaski     [Heavy Metal Victim]  [dead]             Ted Raimi

Insurance Men:

    Mr. Neff                                              Mark Lowenthal
    Leo's Insurance Man                                  Ian Abercrombie

Ghostwood Estate Investors:

    Einar Thorson             [Iceland]                     Brian Straub
    Heba                      [Iceland]                      Mary Stavin
    Sven Jorgensen             [Norway]                   Arnie Stenseth
    Mr. Tojamura (Catherine)    [Japan]   Fumio Yamaguchi (Piper Laurie) (3)

"Invitation to Love" Cast:

    Martin Hadley ("Chet")                                   Lance Davis
    Selina Swift ("Jade"/"Emerald")                       Erika Anderson
    Evan St. Vincent ("Jared Lancaster")             Peter Michael Goetz
    Jason Denbo ("Montana")                                 Rick Giolito


(1) The first actor listed played the character in the pilot episode
    (1000), but was replaced by the second actor in all remaining episodes.

(2) The first actor listed played the character in the TV series, but was
    replaced by the second actor in the film "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me."

(3) Piper Laurie played Tojamura in all scenes, but was credited as
    'Fumio Yamaguchi' to hide this fact from viewers. This deception
    by the producers extended to a fake biography released by Lynch/
    Frost Productions to the newspaper USA TODAY. This biography stated,
    among other things, that Yamaguchi had been in several of Akira
    Kurasawa's films.