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This page is just a place for me to put information on bands before they are ready to be moved to the main Seattle Bands page.  In most cases, I plan to include them, but the information is still incomplete.  In some cases, I will use this page to put bands for which I have fairly complete information, but I haven't decided whether I want to include them in the main page.  If you have more information on any of the bands here, please send me an e-mail.

JUNO (1999?-present)
Arlie Carstens - vocals, guitar
Gabe Carter - guitar
Jason Guyer - guitar
Travis Saunders - bass (199_-200_)
Nick Harmer  - bass (Death Cab for Cutie)
Nate Mendel - bass (Foo Fighters)
Greg Ferguson - drums

TKO (Seattle, 1977-1987, 1997-present)
Brad Sinsel - vocals (formerly of Ze Fabulous Whiz Kidz (1974-?), later in Warbabies, 10 North)
Rick Pierce - guitar (1977-1981) (formerly of Ze Fabulous Whiz Kidz (1974-?), later in Q5, Nightshade)
Adam Bomb Brenner - guitar
Kjartan Kristofferson - guitar (1984-1987) (Culprit)
Evan Sheely - bass (1979-1981) (previously in Japan Jam, later in Q5)
Gary Thompson - drums (1980-1981) (later in Q5)

Kim Virant - vocals (married to Chris Friel)
Tim DiJulio -
Brian Kinney?

SECOND COMING (Bacolas and Bergstrom are the only original members remaining)
Travis John Bracht - vocals, guitar (formerly of Peace and Silence)
Dudley Taft - guitar (formerly of Sweet Water)
Yanni ("Johnny") Bacolas - bass
James Bergstrom - drums

NEVADA BACHELORS (Seattle, 1996-2000)
Robb Benson - vocals, guitar, keyboards  (later put out solo recording)
Mike Squires - guitar (previously in Eat the Feeling, Compass, Marc Olsen, Bunny, later in Harvey Danger)
Ben Brunn - bass
Dusty Hayes - drums
Jason Finn - drums

SAINT BUSHMILL'S CHOIR (Seattle, 1994-present)
Ben London - electric guitar (SBC, Alcohol Funnycar, Sanford Arms)
Dan Baugher - banjo & bouzouki (SBC, Bad Karma Banjo)
Eric Greenwalt - lead vox  (SBC, Subvert, Christdriver)
Jenny Hill - violin, fists of fury (SBC, Baba Yaga)
Pete Remine - bass guitar (SBC, The Toucans)
Rob Witmer - accordion (SBC, The Toucans, Sanford Arms)
Steve Moriarty - drums (SBC, The Toucans, The Pinkos, The Gits, The Dancing French Liberals of '47)

DISINFORMATION (1998-present) (formed from the ashes of Mad Season)
Mark Lanegan - vocals
Mike McCready - guitar
John Baker Saunders - bass (1998-1999)
Barrett Martin - drums

THE SINISTER SIX (1991-1999)
Doug White - vocals
James Burdyshaw - guitar
Mark Ferkingstadt - bass(1991-1993)
Eric Stockinger - bass (1994-1999)
Eric Hildahl - drums (1991-1994)
Eric Petersen - drums (1994-1997)
Ward Reeder - drums (1997-1999)

YUMMY (1990-1991)
James Burdyshaw - vocals, guitar
Tracy Simmons - bass  (formerly of Blood Circus)
Eric Petersen - drums (1990)
Eric Hildahl - drums (1991)

LOVE AS LAUGHTER (1995?-present)
Sam Jayne - vocals, guitar (ex-Lync (until 1994))
Jessica Espelta - guitar  (1997-present) (also in Witchypoo)
Leslie Hardy - bass (1998-present)
Dave Schneider - drums (1997-present)  (ex-Lync)

LYNC (19__-1994)
Sam Jayne - vocals, guitar (Love as Laughter - guest musician on recordings by Beck)
James Bertram - bass ((Red Stars Theory, 764-HERO - guest musician on recordings by Beck)
Dave Schneider - drums (Love as Laughter)

LYNC (Olympia, ??-1994)
Sam Jayne - guitar, vocals
Dave Schneider - drums
James Bertram - bass, vocals
John Atkins - guitar (full member?)
Tim Green - moog (full member?)

Lois Maffeo - vocals
James Bertram - synthesizer, bass, guitar, vocals
Steve Wold - organ
Jeremiah Green - drums, percussion, kalimba (ex-Modest Mouse)

764-HERO (1996-present)
John Atkins - vocals, guitar, keyboards (ex-Hush Harbor)
Polly Johnson - drums (ex-Bell Jar)
James Bertram - bass, guitar, keyboards (1998?-present) (ex-Lync, also of Red Stars Theory)

THE PURDINS (19__-present)
Tony Driscoll - vocals (1987 or 1988-present)
Christian Carbone - guitar (19__- 1998?)
Rod Moody - guitar
Jeff McBee - guitar
A. Zachary Lansdowne - bass (only original member)
Peter Lansdowne - drums
Eric Peterson - drums

BEST KISSERS IN THE WORLD (pre-1989-1995) (originally from Phoenix, moved to Seattle in 1989)
Gerald Collier - vocals, guitar
Danny Bland -   beginning, 1991
Scott Vanderpool - drums  pre-1991
Sten Olsen   1991
Andy  1991
Dave Swafford - bass, vocals  1993  
Tim Arnold - drums, vocals  1993, 1996
Jimmy Paulson - Lead Guitar  1993  
Jeff Stone - Lead Guitar  1993,  1996
Paul Schurr - bass  1996

John Ramberg (later of Model Rockets)
Mark Hoyt (later of Huge Space Bird)

TUBE TOP (1996 - 1998 or later)
Gavin Guss - vocals, guitar  (Tycoons, produced recordings by Super Deluxe)
Brian Naubert - vocals, guitar (Pop Sickle)
Dave Fox - bass (Posies, Flop)
Mike Musburger - drums (Posies, Fastbacks, Flop)
Scott Martin - drums
Andy Davenhall - drums

THE FARTZ (19__-1982)
Blaine Cook - vocals
Steve Hoffman - guitar (later replaced by Paul Solger),
Tom Hansen
Lloyd Shattuck

THE LEWD (Seattle, 1977-1982, 2000-present) (moved to San Francisco in 1980)
J. Sats Baret (aka "Satz") - vocals (previously of Ze Whiz Kids (1975), The Knobs (1976))
Peter Tabor - guitar (1977-1978)
Brad Rammels - guitar (1978-1980)
Sean Greaves - guitar (1982) (previously in Thrusting Squirters, produced recordings by 7 Seconds)
Steve Clic - guitar (2000-present) (Bob Clic's son)
Mike Davidson (aka "Mike Van Dyke") - bass (1977-1978) (also of Clone)
David "Buttboy" Rudicrona - bass (1978)
Kurdt Vanerhoof (aka Blobbo) - bass (1978-1980), guitar (1980) (later of Metal Church, Hall Aflame, Vanderhoof)
Bob Clic - bass (1980), guitar (1980-1982, 2000-present) (later of Murder, Die Sieger, Melting Euphoria)
Olga de Volga - bass (1980-1982)  (previously of Vs.)
Tony Garay - bass (2000-present)
Drake Eubank - drums (1977) (previously of The Knobs (1976), later of The S'nots)
Dave Drury - drums (1978)  (also of Clone)
John Nay (aka "John Sticks") - drums (1978-1980)
Carl Socko - drums (1980)
Alex Flex - drums (1980) (previously of Vs., later of Green on Red)
Christopher Reese - drums (1980-1982) (later of Social Distortion)
Rick Ficara - drums (2000-present)

SUBSET (1999-present)
Sir Mix-A-Lot
Chris Ballew
Dave Ded___
Jason Finn

VEXED (line-up as listed on 1990 album)
Alfred Butler - vocals, bass
Milton Garrison - guitar, vocals
David Lapp - drums

members of Posies, Super Deluxe & Tube Top

PEACH  (line-up from 1994 album)  (are they from Seattle??)
Mark Adler - guitar, vocals 
Rick Robert - guitar, vocals 
Nick Lynam - bass 
Shawn Allen - drums


SANFORD ARMS  (1998-present)
Ben London - vocals, guitar
Andrew McKeag - guitar and organ (Shuggie
Rob Witmer  - accordion  (St. Bushmills Choir
Pete Remine - bass  (St. Bushmills Choir
Jason Finn - drums
Rob Dent - drums

SWAMP MAMA JOHNSON (Bellingham, 1993(?)-present)
Lisa Mills vocals, harmonica, percussion
Laurie Miller - guitar, vocals
Patty Mey - bass (listed on 1996 album)
Leah Hinchcliff - bass, vocals (1997(?)-present)
Tracy Ferrara - tenor saxophone, vocals
Kim Carson - drums, vocals

PHAT SIDY SMOKEHOUSE  (1995-present)
Ernest Pumphrey - vocals  (formerly of Ganja Farmers ?)
Brian Ray - guitar
Jon Ryser - saxophone  (formerly of Hungry Young Poets, Sharkskin, also with The Project (formerly called Pangaea), Super Sonic Soul Pimps)
Chris "C.D." Littlefield - trumpet, flugel horn
Tyrone Robert Lovelace - bass (formerly of Ganja Farmers ?)
John Ewing - drums (formerly of Ganja Farmers ?)
Dave ?? - drums (Imaj, Sweaty Nipples, Cherry Poppin' Daddies)

SOLOMON GRUNDY (as listed on 1990 album)
Van Connor - vocals, guitar
Lee McCullough - lead guitar
Jim King - bass
Sean Hollister - drums

SHYANNE (197_-19__)
Eric Burgeson
Lee Perkins
David Christensen
Rick Baldwin
Jerry Kratzmeyer

THE FEELINGS  (Seattle, 197_-1979)
Geoffrey Cade - vocals
Ian Scott
Ian Fisher - vocals

Reid Vance
Dean Helgeson
Jack Hanan - bass


NO CHEESE PLEASE  (197_-1983)
Steve Aliment - vocals (later in Yanks, The Rangehoods)

Mark Sargent - vocals, guitar, keyboards  (previously of Uncle Cookie)
Eric Wilson - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Jim Santoro - bass, vocals
Keith Meicho - drums, vocals
Nora Conger - backing vocals

Sandi Miller - guitar, lead vocals
Christian Fulghum - guitar
Sally Schlosstein - vocals
Marcus Whiting - keyboards
Christopher Freeman - bass
Ty Hansen - drums
Andy Davenhall - drums

Mark Smith - vocals  (formerly in The Beakers)
Lya Badgley - vocals (replaced Smith)
George Romansic (formerly in The Beakers, Danger Bunny)
Fred Chalenor (later in Face Ditch, Pigpen)
Colin MacDonnel

CHARLIE AND THE TUNAS (line up as listed on 1986 album)
Larry Parypa - guitar, vocals
Andy Parypa - bass, vocals
Mike Woods - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Charles Kester (aka Charlie Tunaugh) - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Roy Scimeca - drums

The Impacts, Winterhawk, Berlin, Ellis and Lynch

Maybe include

SOURMASH (Bellingham, then Seattle, 1992-1998)
Bill Coury - vocals, guitar
Tom Cummings - guitar, vocals
Lew Venard - bass
Mike Van Buskirk - drums (1992-1997)
Dave Gleza - drums (formerly of My Name) (1997-present)


Need to find:  Guido Chiesa and Steve Blush; "The Sound of Seattle" (1993); Stampa alternativa/Collana sconcerto;  NOTES: Written in English and Italian; contains a bonus 3" with two tracks: "4 strokes" (Supesuckers) and "Agatha" (Pond);

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