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The Seattle Music Family Tree

These pages contain a very incomplete listing of Seattle area bands and their members. I have tried to include most of the bands that have been particularly popular or influential, have had one or more members go on to greater things, or are significant for some other reason.  But the decision to include or exclude certain bands is unavoidably arbitrary.  I have also limited this listing to bands that were formed or based in Western Washington.  This leaves out some very significant Northwest bands, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

How to Use These Pages

The band listing is organized chronologically, by the band's date of formation.  The highlighted names of individual members of these bands are linked to a separate page:  Who's Who of Seattle Music.  Every member of the listed bands is included on the Who's Who page, but there is a direct link only where that page gives additional information on the person (such as other bands he or she has been in).  You can use these links to track the connections between the various bands and discover the incestuous nature of the Seattle music community.  To find a particular band or a particular individual, the easiest way is probably to use your browser's "Find" command (Ctrl-F). 

Other Resources

Also, these pages do not have much in the way in band bios (e.g. descriptions of their music or their histories).  For a more in-depth discussion of the history of Seattle music, I suggest reading Clark Humphrey, Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story, Feral House (1995), or James Bush, Encyclopedia of Northwest Music, Sasquatch Books (1999)Also, you should check out the Pacific Northwest Bands webpage, which has a more complete listing of Northwest bands from the 50s, 60s and 70s than I could ever hope to compile.

Updates and Corrections

Finally, the information contained in these pages was gathered from a variety of sources - some more reliable than others. There are undoubtedly errors and inadvertent omissions.  If you have any corrections or additional information, you can e-mail me.  However, please be aware that I am no longer actively updating these pages on a regular basis.  I will fix any flagrant errors quickly.  But for additions to the site, I will hang on to any information you send, and will likely add to these pages at some point in the future, but don't be disappointed if you don't see your contribution reflected here right away.   Oh, and thank you very much to those who have contributed to this page in the past.

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