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Black Betty
A list of versions of one of the great American songs


Artist Album Year Notes
James "Iron Head" Baker Deep River Of Song: Big Brazos    
Harry Belafonte      
Candy Snatchers Takin' a Ride 2001  
Nick Cave B-Sides and Rarities    
Countdown Media (The Hit Crew) Drew's Famous . . .   [H]
Sheryl Crow      
Def Leppard      
Electric Boys Freewheeling (UK CD)    
Tom Jones Mr. Jones 2002 [H]
Clifford Jordan These Are My Roots: Clifford Jordan Plays Leadbelly    
Koerner, Ray & Glover Lots More Blues, Rags & Hollers    
Kudu Death of the Party 2006  
Leadbelly     The original
Alan Lomax      
Mekong Delta   1989  
Mike Onesko Blues Band Smokehouse Sessions 2004  
Ram Jam     [H]
Rumbledog The Drowning Pool 1995 [H]
Spiderbait Tonight Alright 2004 [H]
Chuck Thompson Planet 70's    
Pamela Warrick-Smith Work, Fight & Pray 1992  
The Young Fresh Fellows Various Artists - 20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions! [Pravda Records, PR6338CD] 1991 [H]

Not Black Betty

Songs with same or similar names that are a different song entirely

Artist Song Title Album Year Notes
Boss Hog Black Betty     [H]
Walker's Run Black Betty Walker's Run 2001 [H]


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