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I receive a surprising variety of mail from people who have found this site.  The vast majority of it is from really nice people who either have a question about some topic I discuss on the site, have some information or suggestions for adding to the site, or simply want to say thanks or let me know that they enjoyed the site.  You won't find those messages published here.

This space is reserved for those very few messages I receive that are so ridiculous and/or moronic that I just can't resist sharing them with the world.   Here they are, largely unedited, for your enjoyment:

From: Michael Holt
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 9:50 PM
Subject: Boo Hoo Hoo
Came across your home page & i must say you liberal democrats still don't get it. have you forgotten about 911? what would you liberals do, huddle in masses & let Mrs. clinton threaten the terrorist with meaningless words? I'm glad i live in a country that can be controlled by decent law abiding people with Christian moral values. you need to open your dictionary and look at the definition of morality, and it's not going to be your warped version of it either. maybe you should start going to a Christian church and reading the bible of Jesus Christ, it explains everything in there, because without a doubt, you have not read the bible or worse, practiced it. stop trying to redefine morality, changing the bible, or trashing the constitution of the united states. there are country's [sic] with your beliefs on this planet and may i suggest you exit your ass to any one of them. look for country's [sic] that are not super powers ( no thanks to you), that are non-Christian, and that are economically subdued, and you will have hit paydirt. stop messing with the constitution. it has worked for over 2 hundred years. people like you will destroy it if we let you go unchecked.  move, please!!!  I'm sure they will have a provision for letting homosexuals get married so if your little boys grow up to be homosexuals (fagots if your [sic] in the south), you can rest assure [sic] and they can feel free to live together and have sex with each other, openly. and please take all of the fagots with you, they are a demoralizing drain on our society (please check the bible because every time a country practiced homosexuality god destroyed them). as for lying, the democrats win that battle hands down. your useless president clinton dragged our economy down and lied about everything from having sex with little girls (remember) to having masterminded one of the most corrupt governments Arkansas has ever had. you obviously  do not live in Arkansas. and about that medical research, if you feel so strongly about stem cell research, then let the government grind up little [names of my kids removed]for experiments and you will get my vote next time, because they are not going to grind up my kids or my grandkids as long as i can keep the warped minded, social welfare, crybabies out of office. I'm still waiting for Alex Baldwin and Barbara Streisand to leave the country as they had promised. i will even pay their way. but wait, they are making more movies and making millions of dollars. what a sorry and no good country we live in. huh, i guess it wasn't as bad as they said it was. they haven't left yet and we on the other side are still waiting. don't let the door hit you in the ass.
why do democrats always whine when they don't get their way. maybe if you weren't so busy whining all the time, you would have more time to figure out a way to win the next election. suck it up and take it like a man, or in your case like a bunch of weenies. Ha, enjoy the next 4 years, they are on me.