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Issues and Opinions:
The Short Form

Abortion - Keep it legal, safe, and widely available.

George W. Bush - What a disaster.  In almost every way, the Bush administration has made one tragic blunder after another.  Quite possibly the worst president in U.S. history.

The Death Penalty - Two wrongs don't make a right.  It's barbaric and counterproductive.  More details here.

Education - Supporting quality education should be among the very top priorities of government.  A highly educated population supports economic development, innovation, and informed public policies. 

The Estate Tax - It's a good thing that should be maintained.  It is at least a modest attempt at leveling the playing field for each generation.  Allowing massive amounts of wealth to be inherited allows for the perpetuation of an aristocracy and undermines the values of equal opportunity and meritocracy.

Farm Subsidies - A ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money.  A creates a system full of fraud, in which the bulk of the money goes to wealthy corporations rather than small family farms, that skews the economics of food production on a global level, and prevents third-world farmers from competing in a way that would ultimately lower the cost of food for consumers worldwide and help protect their own populations from famine. 

Flag Burning - It's a legitimate form of free expression.  Any attempt to make it illegal is un-American and contrary to what the flag supposedly stands for.

Free Trade - It's a good thing and the reduction of trade barriers should generally be supported.  More details here.

Gas Taxes - Raising funds through a steep tax on gasoline achieves at least two positive results.  First, a gas tax be be used to ensure that the huge costs of building and maintaining roads and bridges can be paid primarily by those who use them.  Second, increasing the cost of gas will, over the long terms, encourage people to buy more efficient cars and to drive less, thus reducing traffic and lowering the amount of environmental damage created by the burning of fossil fuels.

Guns - There is really no legitimate reason for most people to own a gun.  I support strict restrictions on gun ownership and possession. More details here.

The Separation of Church and State - This principle must be strictly maintained.  More details here.



Please note that the views expressed in these pages are mine, and mine alone.  They do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of my family, past or present employers, or any other person or group with which I have been affiliated.
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