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George W. Bush
America's Worst President Ever



The 2004 Elections

The results of the U.S. presidential election still seem like a bad dream.  Given the unbelievable damage that George W. Bush has done to our economy, our security, our environment, the U.S. Constitution, our country's reputation abroad, and just about everything else that he has touched, it's hard to imagine why anybody would vote for him. 

The exit polls found that the issue that motivated most people to vote for him was "moral values."  But what's moral about starting an unnecessary war?  What's moral about repeatedly lying to the American people?  What's moral about trying to write bigotry and discrimination into the Constitution?  What's moral about decimating the environment?  What's moral about hindering medical research that could lead to new treatments to relieve suffering and save millions of lives? What's moral about burdening future generations with record budget deficits?  Apparently large numbers of Americans have some pretty twisted ideas of morality.