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Issues and Opinions


George W. Bush: The Worst U.S. President in History 


The Environment

Gun Control

The Separation of Church and State

The Death Penalty


Human Rights


Democracy & Voting Rights

Free Trade

The Metric System

Animal Rights

Encryption Regulation

Microsoft Bashing

The Exclusion of Pete Rose from the Baseball Hall of Fame

Boycotting Wal-Mart

I use this section of my web site to post information and random musings on various political and social issues that are important to me.

The issues currently addressed on this page are listed to the left.  Click on the link to go to the main page for that issue.   

Please note that the views expressed in these pages are mine, and mine alone.  They do not necessarily reflect the views other members of my family, past or present employers, or any other person or group with which I have been affiliated.

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Last Updated 27 January 2008
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