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Animal Rights

Given all the things that are wrong in the world, I don't normally put animal rights at the the top of my list of issues.  Reasonable people can disagree about whether the benefits that can come from certain activities  - such as testing new drugs or medical treatments on animals - can outweigh the suffering and death that animals are forced to endure as a result.  But there can be little doubt that, all things being equal, making animals suffer and die is a bad thing.  So while I am not an absolutist when it comes to animal right, I do generally support most animal rights causes.

Here's my philosophical view of animal rights.  In a nutshell, for a living creature to have a right to life, it has to be sentient.  It has to have a brain that is developed enough to be self aware and understand the concept of death (which is why I support abortion rights but oppose the death penalty).  Do animals meet this definition?  I'm not an expert in animal intelligence, but I believe that for at least most animals, they do not.  So no, I do not believe that every animal necessarily has an absolute right to life.

But there is a secondary issue.  Even if animals don't have sufficiently advanced intellects for me to conclude that they have a right to life, it is obvious that animals can feel pain and can suffer psychological trauma from inhumane treatment.  So I do believe that animals should not be subjected to unnecessary suffering. 

Thus, any decision or action one can take to reduce the amount of pain and suffering endured by animals is a good thing.  I do eat meat.  And I wear leather shoes.  And I consider both of those facts to represent moral shortcomings on my part.  But some choices are easier:  I won't buy fur, I try to avoid buying products that are tested on animals, and I strive to reduce the amount of meat I eat.  Different people will have different levels of comfort and will balance the these issues in different ways, but I do think that people should stay conscious of the consequences that their actions have on animals, and to try to reduce the negative impacts of those actions. I also support legislative efforts to protect animals where the suffering involved in a practice cannot be reasonably justified by a social benefit.

Here are a couple of sites with anti-fur action ideas:

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