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A personal history of my time at Horizon View

There was a strong connection between my family and Horizon View Elementary School.  The school opened in 1968, the same year my family moved into the neighborhood where I grew up.  My older brother was about to enter third grade at the time, and started at Horizon View the first year it was open.  My sister entered kindergarten the next year, and I attended Horizon View from kindergarten (1973-74) through sixth grade (1979-80).  My younger brother also attended through sixth grade, in 1981-82, the last year Horizon View was open.  So Horizon View opened just in time for us to attend when we moved to the area, and it stayed open just long enough for the last of us to finish elementary school.  As a result, there was at least one member of my family attending Horizon View every year that it was open.

Unlike any subsequent school I attended, I can still name every teacher I had at Horizon View:

Kindergarten - Helen Mills
1st Grade - Joyce Biege
2nd Grade - Fran Closs
3rd Grade - Betty Spence
4th Grade - Donna Pitblado
5th Grade - Loraine Higgins
6th Grade - William Pearson

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