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The following is the text from a Philips' sales leaflet for the DCC 170



Digital coaxial/optical input and optical output allows direct digital recording from, and playback to, all present and proposed digital audio equipment. And the state-of-the-art A/D and D/A converters preserve the integrity of the inputs from analogue sources and the outputs to analogue amplifiers.


The DCC170 automatically reads and displays the text information with scroll, which can include the track title, album title/artist name. Direct track access is available through track selection by track title.

You can play your valuable collection of compact cassette straightway on the DCC170.

The 36 channel thin-film head provides audio signals for both channels both in digital recording/playback and analogue mode without rotating. The fixed head ensures a high reliability and smooth side A/B change.

For optimum convenience and ease of use, the set switches automatically between sampling frequencies (32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz). In addition, automatic switching between DCC and compact cassette is provided. The automatic tape selector selects between normal/CrO2/metal for compact cassettes. They are played back with high sound quality, and with Dolby B noise reduction.

The set is equipped with the convenience of "wake-up" and ''autopower-off'' functions. By pressing such keys as "FF", "Rew", "Play" and "Rec pause" power switches on automatically. To conserve the battery, the set will when not being used, switch off automatically in case no buttons are operated within a three minutes period.

The DCC170 accepts digital coaxial/optical inputs directly for encoding and recording on tape: no record level setting is needed. For microphone and line inputs, record level setting is easy because both ALC (Auto Level Control) and manual setting are available. The DCC170 writes digital markers in the cassette's auxiliary track to allow easy track access and optimal autoreverse control.

Multi function meter indicates recording/playback level meter for DCC and current tape position and tape running direction during search.

Remote control provides ease of basic operation while on the move.

DBB- Dynamic Bass Boost enhance the bass reproduction.

NiCd rechargeable battery pack can be charging inside the player via the AC/DC adapter.


Frequency response: 5 - 20.000 Hz
S/N ratio: > 92 dB
Dynamic range: > 108 dB
T.H.D.: < 0.003 %
Channel separation: > 90 dB
Frequency range
Metal: 20 -18.000 Hz
CrO2: 20-18.000.Hz
Normal: 20 -18.000 Hz
S/N ratio: > 50 dB
Phones/remote: 3.5 mm
Unified in (digital coaxial/optical, microphone, line): 3.5 mm
Digital optical/line out: 3.5 mm
DC in: 6 V
Batteries :
SBC6434 rechargeable battery pack
Recharge time 3 hours
Recording time 2 hours
Playback time 2.5 hours (DCC); 3.5 hours (Compact Cassette)
External: 6 V DC
/00 (SBC6619/30)....220-230 V AC to 6 V DC
/05 (SBC6619/35)....240 V AC to 6 V DC
/17 (SBC6619/47)....120 V AC to 6 V DC
/06 (SBC6619/36)....100 V AC to 6 V DC
/01 (SBC6619/31)....120/230V AC to 6VDC
/10 (SBC661 9/40)....230/240 V AC to 6 V DC
Dimensions : 110.6 x 36.5 x 99.5 (w x h x d) mm
Weight : 325g (without battery) 420g (with rechargeable battery)
Remote control (SBC6270)
In-ear headphones (SBC3179). For/17 only (Overhead) headphones (SBC3184)
AC/DC adapter (SBC6619)
Rechargeable battery (SBC6434)
Coaxial digital cable (SBC1275)
HiFi connection cable
Carrying case
Optical digital cable ISBC1270)
Stereo microphones
Active speakers.
Car cassette adapter/cigarette lighter adapter